Subleasing a Property

We can also rent properties from an owner and sublease them to our clients.

Why sublease? There are a lot of benefits! 

Advantages of Subleasing

  • Possible to reduce employees’ income tax if they have a furnished housing contract.
  • A wider selection of properties than a standard furnished/serviced apartment.
  • Possible to make a sublease housing contact under your employee’s name.
  • Possible to decide the sublease contract duration.
  • Possible to customize the contents of the housing contract.
  • Only one payment for rent, utilities, furniture rental fees, etc.
  • Easy procedures for documentation.
  • Unnecessary to pay a withholding tax on behalf of the property holder in cases where they live overseas.

Disadvantages of Subleasing

  • Penalty required if early contract termination.
  • Property owner sometimes refuse sub-leasing
  • Rent’s fees are higher than normal housing lease contact.

Sublease Packages

You can choose a contract package custom-tailored to you. 

Basic Package

  • Rent, maintenance fee, parking, etc.
  • H&R service fee

Extra Add-ons (examples)

  • Utilities
  • Furniture/Appliance rental  fee
  • Internet
  • Home security
  • Regular cleaning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Tenant liability insurance
  • Deposit, Key money, etc.

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